The professions
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1 20.02.2015 Talking Point
Open data – unrecognised potentialShow Abstract
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2 23.05.2014 Current Issues
Crowdfunding: Does crowd euphoria impair risk consciousness?Show Abstract
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3 22.10.2013 Talking Point
PISA for adults: More entrepreneurial dynamism to boost continuous educational attainment!Show Abstract
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4 18.03.2013 Banking and Technology Snapshot
Crowdfunding: An alternative source of funding with potentialShow Abstract
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5 29.06.2012 Talking Point
Cloud computing for academia and science: Creative environments flying highShow Abstract
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6 01.08.2011 Current Issues
The digital society: New ways to more transparency, participation and innovationShow Abstract
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7 01.07.2011 Talking Point
Skills shortage – an opportunity for education entrepreneursShow Abstract
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8 29.04.2011 Current Issues
Cultural and creative industries: Growth potential in specific segmentsShow Abstract
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9 23.12.2010 Talking Point
Gifts for the future – donations to improve education and not just at Christmas time…Show Abstract
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10 16.12.2010 Talking Point
Project in progress – remaining challenges for education reform in Germany after PISA 2009Show Abstract
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