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1 18.03.2016 Research Briefing (Engl.)
Ending China’s differential treatment: What’s at stake for EU trade defence?Show Abstract
Author(s) : Levinger, Hannah; Wruuck, Patricia
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2 07.01.2016 Current Issues
Asia infrastructure financing: Getting it right would lift medium-term growthShow Abstract
Author(s) : Levinger, Hannah; Hansakul Syetarn
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3 14.10.2015 DBR noticeboard
Video Economy Views: China's rocky road to rebalancing
Author(s) : Levinger, Hannah
4 11.06.2015 Research Briefing (Engl.)
China's provinces: Mapping the way forwardShow Abstract
Author(s) : Levinger, Hannah
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5 05.03.2015 Articles: Emerging Markets
China became EU’s No.2 export market - again
Author(s) : Levinger, Hannah
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6 12.12.2014 Talking Point
New deal(s)? Chinese investment in Germany is entering a new phaseShow Abstract
Author(s) : Levinger, Hannah
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7 31.07.2014 Current Issues
China-EU relations: Gearing up for growthShow Abstract
Author(s) : Hansakul, Syetarn, Levinger, Hannah
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8 31.01.2014 Current Issues
What’s behind recent trends in Asian corporate bond markets?Show Abstract
Author(s) : Levinger, Hannah
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9 01.11.2013 Talking Point
China in Africa – New challenges beyond the commodities supercycleShow Abstract
Author(s) : Levinger, Hannah
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10 07.08.2013 Frontier Country Report
Author(s) : Levinger, Hannah
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