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Focus Germany: Outlook 2017: Solid, despite diminished tailwindsShow Abstract
Topics: GDP growth, geopolitics, exports, ECB, business cycle
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Focus Germany: Subdued industry outlook dampens wage growthShow Abstract
Topics: German wages, German industry, the View from Berlin
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Focus Germany: Difficult times for German saversShow Abstract
Topics: Household financial assets in Germany, GDP growth, View from Berlin
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Focus Germany: ECB helps industry and boosts property pricesShow Abstract
Topics: German industry, mortgage lending, German housing and office market, view from Berlin
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Focus Germany: German consumer vs BrexitShow Abstract
Topics: GDP growth, ECB, German consumers, labour market, view from Berlin
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Focus Germany: Growth and fiscal outlook: Risks remainShow Abstract
Topics: GDP growth, fiscal outlook, View from Berlin
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Focus Germany: How to pay for retirement?Show Abstract
Topics: Direct investments, global trade growth, view from Berlin
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Focus Germany: Solid growth but difficulties for exports and constructionShow Abstract
Topics: German GDP growth; German exports to oil-producing countries; residential construction in Germany; View from Berlin.
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Focus Germany: 2016 GDP growth: External headwinds & domestic tailwindsShow Abstract
Topics: German exports; house prices; GDP growth; View from Berlin
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Focus Germany: Above potential growth, no wage excessesShow Abstract
Topics: German GDP, Wage round in 2016, Chancellor Merkel's asylum policy
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