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DB Research publishes a Web 2.0 animated film on climate change:

Mitigating climate change through agriculture assessment

January 17, 2012



DB Research has released a new animated film to raise awareness of a recent study on the importance of agriculture to climate change. The film, which is both informative and easy to understand, is about two and a half minutes long. “Agriculture and forestry play a decisive role in reducing greenhouse gases. Climate-friendly agricultural practices provide the potential to cut emissions by a third. This is often underestimated,” explained Claire Schaffnit-Chatterjee, Senior Analyst at DB Research and author of the study. “What is also crucial is the existence of major synergies between mitigation, adaptation, food security, environmental sustainability and rural, social and economic development,” she added.

In addition to the film, a concise information graphic is available that  summarises the film in a visually-compelling way similar to that of a comic strip.


Link to the film

Information graphic

Study: Mitigating climate change through agriculture



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