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Current Issues
8-12 pages
The Current Issues series covers economic and societal topics of fundamental importance. Currently, the focus is on issues such as the German economy, economic and fiscal policy in Germany and in Europe, structures and regulation of the global financial markets and the challenges of the growing global demand for natural recources.
This series is also available in German: Aktuelle Themen
EU Monitor (Engl.)
12-16 pages
The series "EU Monitor" focuses on political, economic and monetary developments in the enlarged EU. The spectrum ranges from political commentaries and reform of the EU institutions to matters pertaining to the European Economic and Monetary Union, financial-market and banking aspects, and the consequences of enlargement for specific sectors and countries.
This series is also available in German: EU-Monitor (dt.)

Konzept (Engl.)
8 - 10 issues p.a.
70 pages
Konzept is a research magazine published at regular intervals that addresses the fundamental issues driving the world of economics and finance: it provides a platform for Deutsche Bank analysts to share their findings with clients and the wider world.
Konzept is also available in German: Konzept (dt.)
On the record...
In “On the record”, in-house or external experts respond to questions about current developments in business, society and politics. 14.10.2015
Research Briefing (Engl.)
4 pages
The Research Briefing provides concise and to-the-point analysis of current issues in financial markets, economics and politics.This series is also available in German: Research Briefing (dt.) 17.06.2016
Standpunkt Deutschland (Engl.)
6-8 pages
In Standpunkt Deutschland we analyse and comment on financial and economic issues, raise awareness of the key issues and contribute to the discussion. Through "Standpunkt”, we aim to cut through the day-to-day noise and focus on the key strategic questions faced by Germany in the 21st century. 15.12.2016
Talking Point
In Talking Point we present our take on current affairs and developments in the worlds of business, financial markets and politics.
Talking Point is also available as a podcast.
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