Team Macroeconomics
Stefan Schneiderpublications
Topics: Monetary policy, demography, behavioral economics
Countries: Germany, Euro area
Phone: +49 69 910-31790

Technical assistance, office
Manuela Peter
Phone: +49 69 910-31777
Fax: +49 69 910-31877

Sebastian Becker
Topics: Public finance, capital investment, inflation
Phone: +49 69 910-21548

Dr. Jochen MöbertVeröffentlichungen
Topics: Foreign trade, balance of payments, real estate, financial markets
Countries: Germany, Netherlands
Phone: +49 69 910-31727

Marc Schattenberg
Topics: Labour market/wages, consumption, demography
Countries: Germany, euro area
Phone: +49 69 910-31875

The House View
Global Markets
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